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Web Servers

High Availability Web Servers

At ALT we have a team of Windows and Linux Server Specialists with significant experience in achieving high availability solutions. Our experts will ensure your network is configured for maximum availability with technologies, such as Fail-over Clustering, Network Load Balancing and on-site/off-site backups.

Our consultants will ensure that all of your IT systems will be running seamlessly and securely, because our team has years of experience tuning up and optimizing Windows and Linux Server systems. Providing high availability to mission-critical applications and services is a primary objective of successful IT departments. When services are down or fail, business continuity is interrupted, which can result in significant losses.

Failover Clustering

To help you build redundancy into your network and eliminate single points of failure.

Network Load Balancing

Network Load Balancing will allows you to distribute network requests to multiple systems in order to optimize resource utilization, decrease resource access time and improve system availability.

Multiple IP Address Support

For failover purposes, multiple IP addresses will allow you to redirect traffic if a node is not available 

On-site and Off-site backups

To allow for fast server recovery, in minor and major failures.


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