ReactOS 0.3.14 is out

For those who don't know - React OS is an effort to create a Free Software replacement for MS Windows that is compatible with existing hardware and software. That said, the operating system is still in early development stages and suites more for enthusiasts, rather than end-users. The current release includes a significant amount of changes including both GUI and architectural improvements.

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Some of the majors improvements are:

  • ACPI

    Advanced Configuration and Power Interface support is now enabled automatically when the ACPI Hardware Abstraction Layer is used, providing support for power buttons and full system power off.
  • LwIP

    A new TCP/IP driver using the LwIP driver has been integrated into ReactOS, significantly improving network performance and stability and also presenting an upgrade path to IPv6.
  • MSVC Compatibility

    ReactOS can now be built using Microsoft's compiler to create a working boot or livecd.
  • Scatter/Gather Support

    Scatter/Gather DMA operations are now supported, significantly improving compatibility with network drivers written for NT5.1 and later.
  • Shell Improvements

    The shell32 library rewrite in C++ has been merged in and brings with it various architectural improvements that will help serve as a foundation for future work on the new explorer shell.
  • Special Pool

    A special pool designed to guard against misuses of kernel pool memory has been implemented.
  • Theme Support

    ReactOS now has the infrastructure needed to theme the user interface and shell, allowing users to install and use something besides the classic Windows theme.
  • WiFi Support

    ReactOS now supports wireless network drivers and is able to join open and WEP encrypted wireless networks.

You don't have to kill your workstation to install ReactOS - the site offers VMWare, VirtualBox QEMU images to try out.

Visit the site to download.

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